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How to configure

Basic visualization is very important for your imagination, to show you how the final product will look before your order. You do not have to be nervous about our configurator, it is very friendly. If you are still a bit nervous, just read our „How to configure“ manual:

Click on „Visor“ tag to choose one of three EVO visor models – shortest and most popular EVO X, longer EVO XL or cutted EVO 9. The visor will change on the right side according to your choice, showing five preview angles. Just click for smaller image to enlarge.

Step 2, choose a helmet color. Basic pallette of colors offered – white, black, blue, maroon, navy and red. Choose your current color, or a future color to combine it with Hejduk EVO visor. Again you have a five angle preview.

Another step – Cover background color. If you have a blank background picture, in this step you can choose background color to tune your project to the smallest detail.

Last and most important step – Cover Image. At the beginning choose your prepared image – only jpg or png formats. If you have only pdf image, please click here to learn how to convert pdf to jpg. Set the right position on the right side of a cover.

Using mouse wheel change a size of image. Using side bar you can rotate with image. Drag an image and choose a right position on a cover. If you are satisfied, just click on „next“ and set a right position on a left side of cover. With a same image just control a position and click to „finish“.

If you want to have alternative image, please click on „choose different image“ and follow instructions. Now you can click again on „finish“ buttor. Final preview with your images are ready to be checked. Do you like it? If not, click for „cover image“ and start over. If yes, click for „finish“ and url link will be created. You can share it with friends, show it to the world. Fill up a short form, choose your contry or nearest to you and submit inquiry. We will contact you.