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About EVO visor project

In Hejduk Sport we know a lot about ice hockey visors. We are in business since 2001. Thanks to our collected knowledge and our passion to involve, we became one of the leaders in ice hockey visors manufacturers.

Now it is time for step forward, time for EVOlution.

We created a brand new optic system, the most advanced in Hejduk’s history. Thanks to our innovative design EVO visors produce less distorsion and clearer optics through the entire range of vision. The application of our antifon and antiscratch layers ensures clear vision through all temperatures and conditions for players of all skill levels.

A pioneering new design with clean lines and Unixe solution for mounting makes our new visor truly EVOlutionary. Based on player’s preferences and on past popularity we are offering three different shapes of EVO visor – EVO X, EVO XL, EVO 9.

Progressive mouthing system without spacers with a locked position of the visor, not allowing upward movement, secures the most comfortable position. Every visor is supplied with an assembly set. Easily attached by anyone, all helmets compatible.

For the first time in ice hockey design history Hejduk Sport invented a multi-purpose screw cover. As always the cover hides the mounting area but now it can be printed for marketing purposes. And this is where our Custom program was born.

Each team is unique and each team is made up of unique individuals. Make your statement. Do you need to promote a sponsor? You got it. Do you want to showcase your club logo? You got it. Do you want to show your number? You got it. Do you want to include a personal motto, a child's name or a significant date from your life? You got it. If you want to express yourself then EVO visor sets a new standard in customization.

Player's security is always first. Hockey can be a dangerous sport. Progressive thinking connected with safety is the best way forward. Our visors are made of highly resistant polycarbonate in optically perfected forms through an injection moulding process. This combination of materials and manufacturing technology deliver optical purity. Tested against puck impact at 160 km/h in various temperature conditions below zero. EVOlutionary mounting system prevents upward movement, and when combined with the new bottom edge shape, helps reduce the risk of nose injuries after big hits. Sharpened edge also improves player's range of vision during the game.

CE certification is a must of course. New EVO visors are also protected by European industrial design patents to defend against copying and/or imitation.

Be individual, be successful, be you.

Join the EVO visor team.